The Bear is a Christian Church that gets up to all sorts throughout the week.

The main event is on Sundays though when we all meet together for our services. In the morning we meet to worship, hear teaching from the Bible and pray together. All ages are catered for from the rowdy crèche upwards.


In the evenings The Bear is open as "Church on the Street". During this time we provide food for those in the local community in need of it and then have an interactive time together focused around God and us. It's about real people with real problems encountering a real God.

A lot of people in the Bear are also part of homegroups. These smaller groups meet to study the Bible, pray and discuss the challenges life is throwing us that week. Lots of different types of people come to the Bear and each homegroup reflects the personalities of the people who come.


We meet in a building called the Shaftesbury Christian Centre in the middle of Deptford South-East London. Several mornings throughout the week the building is open for Bear Cubs. This parent and toddler group is very popular so come early to get in! 

There are lots of other official and unofficial events going on all the time as people get together and the best way to find out is to turn up on a Sunday morning and grab one of us at the bar.