Lent - Day 7 - Rooted in Love

If you didn’t know better you’d be forgiven for looking at the bare trees in winter and thinking that they were dead.  Their leaves and fruit have gone and there is no life to be found, given or enjoyed.

Yet if they stay rooted in the right soil, in time, when the spring comes, they will grow leaves and fruit again.  And this year they’ll most likely be a bit bigger, a bit stronger, and grow even more leaves and fruit.

All they have to do is stay rooted, using their roots to help them withstand the storms whilst also mining goodness from the dark waste below.

The root analogy is great for us as Christians.  As we root ourselves in ‘love’ (Eph 3:17), even through the cold, dark and stormy times (even when we are only 7 days into lent and there are still 33 days to go before the chocolate can be harvested and eaten), we can be confident that we will grow again and bear fruit.

That’s what happens with seasons. 

That’s how God created them.

And we embrace the extra ring around the middle.