Lent - Day 13 - Imposing Peace

The main headline today on the BBC news website is about a dog that was run over and killed by two policemen in North Wales.  It’s a comparatively small issue but, for a moment, it’s taking up the prime spot in our public consciousness.

It’s a relief from discussions about Europe, the economy, Trump, Putin, IS and the NHS, for sure.  And it’s an opportunity to exercise a few of our pent-up-angry-feelings against injustice in something safe, something that stands little chance of causing us personal harm or leaving us with negative long-term consequences.


But, not much really! 

Not much about the suitability and emphasis of our headline news reports for this ‘lent thoughts’ blog anyway.  

However, following on from yesterday, the dog story does raise more thought about ‘imposing issues’. 

Yesterday I suggested that we step back from the imposing issues in our lives and ask for God’s perspective.  I willingly did it myself because I’d like some things to take up less space in my sights. But I found it’s much easier said than done. 

I suppose that’s why they become big in the first place. 

So today:  Let’s ask God again for his perspective.  And keep asking everyday until we find peace.

I believe and trust that the peace will come.  Though I don’t know when that will be.  

This side of the end of lent or the other?