Lent - Day 15 - Harley

The other day I happened upon a Harley Davidson dealership.  I wasn’t planning to drop in but when Emily said she needed to go into Debenhams to look at bed sheets, and the harleys were there, right in front of me calling for my attention, I suggested she go ahead while I took a few moments to admire some bikes.  An hour later I walked out of the dealership, not with a Harley, but with an image, nay, a dream of me owning one.  

To me, bikes, both the ones with engines and the ones without, represent freedom and adventure.  Freedom from the restriction of place and traffic, and adventure into the unknown where there are risks and thrills.  Of course not everybody likes bikes, especially motorbikes, and with good reason, but everybody likes something.  Everybody has dreams of having something that offers or appears to offer a slightly better, freer, more exciting, more fulfilling life.  Maybe it’s as simple as a cleaner house or a new pair of shoes.  Or maybe it’s a yacht on the med or a loving relationship.  

Or all of those things, and more!

During lent, abstaining from certain luxuries helps us to remember that they are just that – luxuries, and that whilst we might like to live with them they aren’t actually essential for our lives or our happiness, or our freedom.

However, the presence of God is!