Lent – Day 16 and 17 – Dark side

In 1968 the first astronauts to orbit the moon, on Apollo 8, expected to experience radio silence for about 45 minutes as they disappeared around the dark side of the moon. 

(The dark side of the moon is the side that we never see.  We don’t see it because the moon spins on it’s own axis in the opposite direction to it’s orbit at the exact speed needed to ensure that we always see the same side, wherever we are on earth.  Remarkable!)

But the astronauts didn’t experience radio silence.  Instead they heard a strange kind of haunting music.

The music couldn’t have been from earth because the moon itself was blocking any possible contact waves.  So where was it coming from?  It’d be fun to say that it was an alien, or even heaven’s own local radio station, but it turned out to be caused by Jupiter’s strong magnetosphere.

Day 16 of lent was on the dark side of the weekend, out of range of the internet!  It’s a beautiful place of freedom and silence, and it offers the opportunity to see from another angle and listen to noises and voices from other places.

So on day 17 - take some time to go into silence and listen to God’s voice.