Lent - Day 22 - Dear Elmer

Dear Elmer

Thank you for your last letter. So long since I heard from you. I realise that you are not the carefree sapling that you used to be. Ah how we used to wave our branches in the air… like we just didn’t care. Those were the days eh? In fact those still are the days for me.

I’m reaching for the sky so to speak and my leaves are greener than ever. I really do feel like I’m branching out in every direction. Birds are nesting in my foliage and children are climbing high. Through these summer days, all sorts of people are resting below the shade of my barnet. (Pats her hair) Not a day goes by when something isn’t happening near my tree. Although I must say I do wonder sometimes if I have the word toilet written on me. Dogs and humans: no respect! But never mind, I’m soaking up the sun and photosynthesising like summer’s going to end by winter.

I thought it was very boring and annoying of you to say I should spend more time concentrating on putting my roots down. I mean why would I want to do that? Why would I want to go deeper? You’re bark-ing up the wrong tree if you ask me. Our job as trees is to be out there in all our splendid leafy glory, don’t you think? I simply don’t have time to spend energy on my roots. I want a glorious life being the best tree I can possibly be. Live while the leaf is young I say. A bird in the bush is worth more than one in the…root. I mean who’s interested in roots anyway? There’s a reason that they’re hidden. They’re so ugly.

 I just don’t believe that there’s water and nutrients to be found down in that earth, I really don’t. In fact I have withdrawn my taproot. I’m a city tree, so I don’t really need one anyway. The water table is quite high enough for now. And I really can’t be bothered to reach out with my other roots.

And have you taken a look at your branches? No? Exactly that’s my point. There’s nothing to see. You’ve not photosynthesised all summer and look at the state of you. Thin spindly branches, while I am glorious. You’re really not giving anything back. I think that everything that matters is up here above ground, the sun, the rain and lots of people to see how wonderful I am.

I don’t’ want to be at loggerheads with you, but I really think you should live a little.

Your dear friend,