Lent - Day 24 - Dear Seedlings

Dear Seedlings

I wonder how you all are. You were only acorns when I saw you last, but I daresay you are now fine saplings on your way. I look forward to the day when you will be fine Oaks here in Green Park.

As for me, I am old now. Yes, very gnarled on the outside and my girth is rather large. I’ve been climbed, scurried on, pecked, and carved on. I mean really who ever thought for one minute it was a good idea to carve on a tree. Rude! I have many age circles now and I’m grateful for each one. They each mark a year that I’ve lived through all the seasons to be the old tree I am now.

(Starts giggling as if tickled) Sorry, that was the squirrels. They get everywhere.

It’s with a heavy taproot that I must give you some sad news that I heard on the grapevine, or to be more precise, from the grapevine. I must tell you of the untimely demise of two of your older relatives, Twiggy and Elmer.

Now seedlings, you must learn from their mistakes.           

To be a tree our first priority must be to go deep, become grounded, rooted in the earth. No one’s going to give you what you need. You have to dig deep and find it, tap in to the source. Now I know some of you find yourself on paved streets where it’s hard, but if you can’t go down too far, get moving across. Stretch out those roots, meet up with other little saplings and share, dig deeper together.

Once you’ve got all that going on you can think about what’s above. Stretch your branches out, reach for sky and take deep breaths. Carbon dioxide in, oxygen out.  (Do it with me seedlings) Carbon dioxide in, Oxygen out. (sighs) That way you are being what you were intended to be. Take it all in and let it all out. Marvellous.

Remember we are trees. (Dramatic) It was for Treedom that we were set (hesitant)…..Tree.  It doesn’t matter what type of tree you are, just be a tree. (Looks at congregation) Now everyone be a tree!

Your loving father,


(Letter as written by Tracy and the youth, and read by the youth at the Bear)