Bear Essentials Week Beginning 9 September 2018

Bear Essentials

‘There should be a millennial edition of Monopoly where you just walk around the board paying rent, never able to buy anything.’

‘I saw a bird eating a piece of avocado toast. Guess it was some kind of millennial falcon.’

(100 jokes about Millennials vs Baby Boomers)

Sunday Morning Service –   This is Becky B’s last official Sunday as our Student Worker – fear not she is staying around - so who better to hear from on the subject of Young Adults/Millennials and the ‘lost generation’? As well as hearing from Becky we shall be saying goodbye to the next batch of youth off to university/college. Hankies at the ready. The service starts at 10.30 am, with prayer beforehand at 10 am. Youth will be staying in the service. (Please note that we will be hearing back from our Summer Teams on 30 September)

Sunday Evening – is back, so please don’t hold back offering to help cook, serve and wash up. Please sign up to help for next Sunday evening.  From 4.30 pm in the kitchen and from 6 pm to serve and wash up. Please email Richard at or sign up at

Women’s Prayer Lunch – 1 pm Wednesday 19 September. Venue tbc. If you would like to come along or can offer to host please contact:  

PA Training – 9 am Sunday 23 September. For anyone who would like to spend Sunday mornings being very useful in lofty places, Wayne U will be imparting his wisdom and experience on the technical know-how of audio-visual technology. No prior knowledge is necessary. Contact to express even the vaguest of interest of helping out in this area.

Children & Youth Workers – Saturday 6 October 3-5pm - an event for those of us who commit to serving The Bear kids. There’ll be training, discussion, prayer and cake. We hope you can come. More details from

Branches – In this case is a home group every Monday at 7 pm. Lead by Becky B (and Abie from All Saints Peckham) this is for young adults and 18+ students. Meets in New Cross. Please contact Becky at for more details.

Outside Space – if your children play behind the church and in the small garden (accessible through hall) while at The Bear they do so at their own risk. Traders use the car park space for storage, so please be aware there will be property belonging to others and some very hazardous obstacles. Children should be supervised by a parent or carer at all times. Any concerns, please speak to Tessa.

CCTV – be aware that the Shaftesbury Christian Centre is now under surveillance from CCTV cameras. This is for the safety and security of all who use the building. If you have any concerns or would like more information please speak to Paul A or email:

Home Groups – If you are part of The Bear and would like to join a mid-week home group please contact

Giving – if you are part of The Bear, you can set up a standing order for your giving. Details from Please note that we are not using Just Giving at present because of the changes to the trust.

Mid-Week Activities at The Bear – are all back on this week:

Bear Cubs – vast experience in entertaining/educating discerning pre-schoolers and keeping their parents out of trouble: Monday, Thursday and Friday each week. See below for session times or email for more details.
Women’s Bible Study – Tuesdays 1.30 pm each week. Speak to Margaret P.
Women’s Prayer Lunch – 1 pm Wednesdays every three weeks – look out in BE for next one. Eat, chat, pray – it works.
English Fridays – offering free English lessons 1.30 pm every Friday. If you would like to volunteer please speak to Sally or email

The Bear Diary:

Week Beginning 9 September 2018

10 am              Prayer
10.30 am         Service
6. 30 pm          Evening Service (4.30 pm to help)

10 am              Bear Cubs
7 pm                Branches – Home Group for YA and Students
8 pm                Trustees Meeting
1.30 pm           Women’s Bible Study

8 pm                Home Groups

10 am              Bear Cubs
1 pm                Bear Cubs
8 pm                Home Groups

9.30 am           Bear Cubs
1.30 pm          English Fridays

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Church on the Street

We are always looking for people to help with our Sunday evening services. These are to serve those who live on the street or in shelters and those who need a safe place to eat a meal. We serve soup and bread at 6.30 pm and for anyone who wishes to stay on, there is an informal service at about 7.30 pm. 

If you would like to help prepare food, volunteers are welcome from 4.30pm, or come just before 6pm to serve food and drinks. 

We meet most Sundays, except 1st Sunday of the month. Check the Bear Essentials Newsletter for updated news.

For more information contact