God on Mute

‘God on Mute’ is an engaging and easy-to-read book about prayer written by the founder of the 24/7 prayer movement, Pete Greig.

Centred on the last few days of Holy week and the story of Pete’s wife Sammy being diagnosed with a brain tumour, and subsequent epilepsy, ‘God on Mute’ encourages us to recognise that: 1 - ‘join the club’, even Jesus had unanswered prayer, 2 – there are many reasons for unanswered prayer, ranging from God not wanting to, to God not being able to - we rarely know which, and 3 – we should keep trusting God anyway because he is with us.

Unanswered prayer is one of the greatest reasons for us to feel isolated and alone, it is one of the greatest causes of ‘bad’ theology and it is one of the most commonly given reasons for people’s loss of faith – so I’d recommend it.  I found it helpful!